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Free Online Ordainations to become a minister

The Universal Life Church believes that all faiths are best served by freedom of choice. As a minister and member of the ULCS you will have the freedom to perform weddings for your friends and community, spiritual rites, baptisms, funerals and other sacerdotal rites; regardless of your denomination or spiritual beliefs.

You have the right to worship without archaic religious dogma's.

Since 1959, the ULC has been ordaining ministers: in person, through the mail and now modern times with the help of technology you can get ordained through our online website. Get Ordained today and celebrate with other ministers; who find our ideals appealing.



The Universal Life Church is for anyone and everyone, as our name is known worldwide as one of the first to offer online church services, such as:


As a minister of the Universal Life Church, legal obstacles of performing weddings will be removed, allowing you to plan, perform, celebrate and join people from any religious background. Within the doctrines of their sacred cultural rights. We have the resources and credentials you need to become a wedding officiant. Read our FAQ and guide on how to perform a wedding ceremony.



When you get ordained with our ministry it grants you the respect and certification you need to officiate weddings. The Universal Life Church has years of ordination experience, with our knowledge & thanks with the help of modern technology, we have streamlined the ordination process, making it simple, safe and secure for you to get ordained with our ministry. Our hearts and doors are always open to individuals of any and all faiths; We welcome you with open hearts and hands to get ordained and join our church.

Visit the FAQ section or Read our helpful minister guide for more information



We want every minister to be confident in their abilities! As a part of our ever growing mission to educate you in the basics of our ministry, regardless of faith, beliefs or religion, we have vast and reliable resources for you to take advantage of. Visit our minister Resources & Training information on how to perform a wedding, get a free wedding ceremony, learn how to register as a minister in your state, and much more.



The ULCS offers everything you will need to help you on your path as a minister. As a Universal Life Church Minister, you will fully possess the legal status to officiate marriages, perform baptisms, and you will become a part of a congregation that is more than just a name. Many celebrities have gotten ordained with the Universal Life Church, you too can get ordained, perform legal weddings, and join in the millions of ordained ministers world wide!

Once you are ordained you may choose your title, you can be a pastor, minister, rabbi or priest, you can then proceed to perform baptisms, traditional weddings and even start a career as a wedding officiant. The ULC can help support your ministry with an variety of online services including: ministerial training, guides and other resources.

We ask for you to promote freedom and to “do that which is right.” It is the individual's responsibility to determine what is right, as long as it is within the law and does not infringe upon the rights of others.




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